Sharing our Lives

In the movie Shell We Dance one of the character tells: We need a witness to our life. Through social media we are sharing our lives with others, we are trying to make our lives noticeable for the world. Our witnesses are our followers.

Of course, there is nothing bad in the sharing of different  information in social media. For example, I get a lot of interesting information from my friends in Facebook about art, news, films and books, etc. I know, who can recommend the new movie, which probably will be interesting for me too. The same situation with music and books.

However, I’m going to look at this situation from the other perspective. Rather than concentrate on technological aspects of digital sharing or legal questions, I’m going to talk about psychological aspects of this, about addiction from sharing. It is more interesting for me figure out the answer for the question why people share their pictures, their thoughts, their feelings in social media. What are the personal reasons for this?

We all live in society where we interact with each other every day. However, in the modern world this interaction usually is superficial. We don’t have enough time for our family, our best friends, our relatives, on the other hand, we spend more from 3,5 to 7 hours per day for Social Networks. People know about their friends engagement from the changing status on Facebook. There are many examples when we get stronger feelings in virtual world than in reality.

On the other hand, sharing information  helps us to know something new and useful, to find new friends, to get support in a difficult periods of life sometimes

When we sharing something and follow somebody and  we actually build the circle of our interests. It means, that we found people who have the same interests than we and they have the same points of views on different problems. As a result, we can not recognise the different points of view, not accept the others positions. It makes us limited. It means, that first reason of sharing – to create the comfortable zone of social interaction. In this zone we just see what we actually want to see.

The second reason is about the desire to make our life more interesting and rich. Sometimes, this desire motivate us to make our real life more interesting too, because we need something for sharing. This is a positive consequence of this phenomena.

In addition, sharing allows us to get a approval from society. People wants to get more likes, because it’s important for them to get reward from others. However, many people are becoming addicted from this social reward, they are doing all their actions just to this aim.

Also, the cause for sharing can be desire to be involve in something more, than person do in real life. The social media give opportunities to become an artist, creator, performer, and your audience can be the whole world. This opportunities may inspire people to make something really interesting and unique. At the same time, many others just use this possibilities and create a stupid memes, some of them are very known, but it doesn’t  relate to real art or culture. It’s just a way to becoming recognisable for others, to get a short popularity. Because, one meme always is changed by others.

However, the big question about sharing is a question about privacy and safety. As it mentioned on the video, people usually forget what is the audience of the social media, how big it is and how much public the information, which they are sharing.

We are creating our biography in the Internet by sharing our personal pictures, video, comments, thoughts.  We are sharing our lives with others on social networks, but do we still have our own real life, that we can share? Social media is important part of contemporary society, but it’s not a substitute of our real lives. The existing of this risk supports by the studies, which show that people actually care more about what they share, than about what they own.

Shall we dance

Shall we dance

Therefore, may be it is better to take a dance class, than to spend time writing the post about sharing. At least, it is much nicer and memorable. 🙂

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